Thursday, September 30, 2010

What exactly are you looking for?

Easy question to ask others but when you are asked back, do you know what you are really looking for?

I was asked this question right after ranting about my being single for so long. I paused, thought about what I really wanted, and could not come up with a single adjective to describe what I was really looking for! Standards, I have a lot to say but that does not define what I really am looking for (paulit ulit na)...

If you were asked what exactly are you looking for? ano isasagot mo?

Day 6

Where has Day1 to 5 gone?
Can't believe how the night shift makes days fly by. It feels just like yesterday but I am now down to my last 3 days in Cebu and guess what, I only have a picture of the entrance of the building of Synergis.

hopefully, I can share something on my next post :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Gobble Gobble - Turkey Day

Too early for a thanksgiving dinner but nonetheless, every occassion needs to be celebrated and we should be thankful for.

On the night of August 29, we had a turkey dinner courtesy of Trina Stone! the first ever roasted turkey (as I grew up eating turkey meat but not as good as how the Canadian's cook it). the savory herbs and spices made a lot of difference! (Thanks, Trina for having us over and sharing with us your culture).

Josh de Ocampo, Johanna Mina, Bels Dacumos (Happy Birthday girl), Nat Cahinhinan and Evelyn (of Bell Solo) - nice hanging out with you guys!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A few minutes today

I'll just steal a brief moment from my busy life to write about this short line:

"Ang dami ko nang friends, ayaw ko na sana magdagdag" - a joking remark made by a friend of mine on his current status.

He had met the supposed to be significant other. He already fell in love with the thought of being in love again, after a long time. Had plans on how to woo her and how to make her feel special at all times. The idea of being in a relationship was finally knocking at his doorstep.

Suddenly, his efforts seem to be bleak at the moment, he didn't get replies that he had expected then suddenly, the silence was broken... The supposed to be significant other emerges from her silence and announces her relationship status with someone else. A friend asks "pano na sha?", the famous line: "oo nga,eh. Ang bait nya".

so people, sometimes, it doesn't pay to be all nice to everyone. you will only end up with 2 facebook accounts trying to fit all the friends you will meet along the way (lol) - just kidding.

Happy December to everyone. This morning, I felt the cold December breeze already (finally!!!)

I am looking forward to some trips and some activities. I'll let you know soon..

Also, as I get better in what I am doing (yeah, you've probably seen my new toy in Facebook) - I will start a photo blog of my own. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sun Talks

I was on this bus going back to Manila from Baguio and I noticed advertisements from Sun Cellular with the tag line: "Sun Tawag Lang Yan". It made me think of calling a friend of mine who's also a Sun subscriber and ask how he's doing and probably ask for pieces of advice on recent events (personal and some from other people's experience).

I never got to realize how important family visits are. Most specially when I really don't feel like I have much time to spend in this world. It's not morbid but it's a thought... it's called reality. I now manage to feel good about the thought that I won't stay long enough to watch my niece grow up. But I think I would be able to manage dying first than anyone else in the family. I know it's kinda selfish but for me (and it's my personal opinion), I'd rather die first trying to give my family a better life. :P

Second on my list is a friend's situation in being in a triangle (for those who love geometry, it has nothing to do with the shape) but I know you guys know where I'm getting at. I'll save the story for another blog (since I haven't been writing much lately) but here's a sneak peak:

Why do people end up being the last to know that you're the reason why a good relationship end? mejo malabo pa ba? o sige, here's the catch: what do you do when you find out that you're not number one (or the only one) but the second one instead? do you freak out? do you try to kill yourself since you feel like you've done something stupid?

Friends - help me out here. I would like to give good pieces of advice to this so called friend but I don't want to give what I think is the best advice from my point of view.

not sure if i have followers or readers but then again, to those who gets to read this, please respond :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coffee Talks (part2) on long distance relationships

The last coffee talk post I had evolved around having an IM conversation with my former boss-turned friend, Jem. I decided to continue the series of this post by blogging about a live conversation with her when she arrived and spent the holy week with me:

Of friends (lost and found): How can you tell if a friend is a friend or not? >> First stop, Jem was an introvert (so she said before) but I would like to beg to disagree. She has now evolved from being a black-loving skinny girl with super straight jet black hair to what to be a skinny girl who gained weight, no longer wearing black and kinda curly girl at that time (cute). I was once again put on the hot seat and asked why wasn't I being responsive on updates regarding myself on IM. In my attempt to explain my side and redeem my being a true friend to her, I was silenced by how I would go back in time and explain why I rarely keep in touch but remain as a true friend. It was difficult to explain how I became who I am right now in dealing with long distance friends and I hope she understood me (details to be spared since I plan to blog about it next time).

A lot of questions could pop up from nowhere. Questions such as "do you actually lose your friends just because you moved to a far far away land?" I would like to take this opportunity to answer this and plainly say NO without even thinking twice. For some strange reason, people tend to feel abandoned just because the separation (as in literal = of space) and they feel that the situation puts a huge gap as long as EDSA. I know communication is deemed important but friends will always remain friends.

An excuse I had that turned out to make sense is when I asked her a few questions:

Me: When you come home to the Philippines and meet with me, do you feel like there's a certain awkward feeling like you don't know me at all?
Her: No.
Me: Feels just like yesterday, right?
Well, that's how short the conversation went :)

To close this entry, here's a picture of a "quote" I got from browsing when I was looking for a worthy wall paper for my phone.

Comfort Zone

Here's a favorite spot during the wee hours of the morning in Baguio. Volante is usually jampacked during the day but I can't blame the people since the food is relatively cheap and delicious and did I mention cheap?

Most of my fourth year college early mornings were spent here with group mates in film. Aside from those days, I usually spend my thinking moments here during the wee hours of the morning after having a couple rounds of beer with some friends. Most of the time, I just want to be alone and think.

Just for sharing: a lot of people think it's wierd that I have my silent moments every now and then, aside from the fact that I really am not a party animal. I usually get invites to go to bars and clubs but I always end up just drinking... getting bored... then I finally make my escape. Close friends of mine don't bother telling me when they plan to go to clubs during the weekends since they already know my answer. It's an automatic "no" or if ever I say yes, I set the expectation that I might just leave ahead of them.

Going back to what I originally planned on blogging about: VOLANTE >> It is thru Volante that gave birth to my Coffe Talks since I usually have a cup or two of the famous Benguet Blend coffee with classmates and friends.

What do I usually think about during my silent moments spent by session road? Nothing I guess. I just enjoy the silence and at times, observing the people who pass by.

Well, I hope to find something similar to Volante here in Manila. Close to Volante here in QC is where I usually get my caffeine dosage and dose of "people watching"... Starbucks Emerald